Macro Photography

Photography is a powerful medium to capture & express what you see and how you feel about things happening around you. To me its an art of capturing beautiful world within the world we are living in. The precious moments where a flower blossoms for a season needs to be captured before it fades away. This is nature !! The cycle of life is short. The time frame in which many living organisms and flowers live has a very short window to offer. Cold places have many  flowers and small plants just for a season. Once the spring is gone unlike perennials most flower would wither away. I always wanted to capture spring beauty, all the gorgeous flowers blooming in the season.Soon I fell in love with close-up pictures. I love macro photography. Macro photography is extreme close up photography. It is an art of taking close-up picture to bring out tiny details which are impossible to detect with naked human eyes. It is powerful expression of whats around us and what often goes unnoticed. Our eye-sights are not designed to see the beautiful details of microscopic life.The tiny details of the veins running through each petal, the hairy legs of spiders and gigantic eyes of grasshopper (compared to his face)… But with the help of powerful lens the door to this co-existing world is open for us.

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