Cooking is one of the greatest life skill your kids should know


The most important part of our existence is food. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Three meals every day; 21 meals in a week, plus the in-between snacks. Now, Imagine how much food do we eat in our lifetime.

Parents should take charge of teaching cooking to sons and daughters equally.  No boy or girl should be left behind in learning this life skill. Just the way everyone should learn to swim and drive, the basic surviving skills. Everyone should know how to cook.

Few  helpful tips for making of future chefs:

  • My kids loved playing with pots and pans. Offer them pots and pans from the kitchen.
  • I also let my kids knead the dough with me. 
  • Play with whole fruits and vegetables. Yes in the process they will lick it, bite it and through it around the house like a ball.
  • Kids can help by mashing boiled potatoes.
  • kids love making their own pizza and pasta.
  • Let them pour milk and cheerios for breakfast.
  • kids love spreading butter, jam, and jelly on bread.
  • Give them wet-wipes for cleaning.
  • Let them pick the spilled over flour from the floor.
  • Let them help us in washing dishes.

I started cooking actively with my kids since they were one year old. There were plenty of Opportunities where they participated in real cooking. Teaching cooking or involving kids in creating food require the greatest degree of patience in parents. There will be a big mess for first few rounds before these young participants will be able to clean up after cooking. By the age of 7-8 years, kids become very independent in the kitchen. Parental guidance for safety around the use of a knife, hot stoves and oven are required all the time. kids should never be left unobserved. Be there, help them and praise their interest and artwork in cooking.

Teaching young kids is rewarding. The young mind has a curiosity for what is cooking in the kitchen. They do love playing in the kitchen with pots and pans; helping parents in cooking and after cleaning. With little encouragement, they can master this skill and actually get happily involved in making food. The textures and flavors stimulate their minds. We need to be extra careful when kids are around; and yes, loads of patience come in handy here. It is all worth in the end. Never let die the kindle of interest in cooking in young hearts.


  1. Nicely crafted article.
    Cooking is an art, and sooner the kids are introduced to it better it is. With skyrocketing medical costs, a home cooked healthy meal is a life saver in many ways 🙂

  2. Tips in making future chefs are really good…..will follow them….and I also believe that we shd teach cooking to both son’s and daughter’s …..I wanted my son to join cooking classes in his school but not even a single boy was there so he refused …I teach him as and when I get time😃….good going Richa

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