Being Happy is a Choice

Simple joys of life. Simple life leads to greater happiness.Being happy is an amazing feeling.Your mind and body are in perfect harmony.Your day starts with the beautiful smile.There is no room for heavy, boring dull life.Happiness lies in being content.Being content is an art that anyone can learn. Everyday is a gift and gives us opportunity to create something new and positive. The effort of bring a sick plant back to life is real happiness. The effort to learn something new every day is pure joy. The willingness to start a new hobby is priceless joy. It is the path for greater cause that energies you and fills your day with happiness and you become a content person. Constant efforts to build happy life starts with simple positive efforts. keeping life simple and uncomplicated is wisdom.

Stress has impacted lives. And day starts with loath and gloomy mood. When you no longer enjoy yourself, you are stressed.When the meaning and cause of your existence is lost you are stressed. When you worry for every little thing in your life. You are stressed. Stress is dark and makes the strongest body hollow and fatigue becomes your second nature.

The biggest hindrance is materialism. Todays world you can not pull material apart from a person. People associate themselves too much with their home, boats, cars. The basic need of food and shelter has become social, economic status and the survival depends on how much you can bring in every month.People spend way too much time in earning it.They work most of the time either earning money or thinking money. It is a pity that we all are running day and night to raise the bar of high social status. To have a roof on top and bread on table is real happiness. To be able to eat, walk around and enjoy a scoop of ice-cream is real happiness. The grand houses, branded cars is just the start of materialism  race. There will be no end to it. It is never about what you can buy but mostly what you should buy. The small house that you should buy because its sufficient for a small family, easier to pay off in future, easier to clean and fix. The small car that you should buy because you know 80% of the time it is staying in parking. Because you know, you are the only person traveling in it mostly. And you know how affordable it is.

What is one thing that we all should be running after is time; time well spent with family. The most important thing in life is in simple things and desire to be happy. Simple things bring in greater joys. Most of the time we do not know why and for what we are running after. Everyone of us is unhappy because our race for being successful and securing  an unknown future is never ending. Most of us would keep raising a bar for ourselves, it never feels enough. One thing is sure we keep on changing our pseudo goals and spend 80% of our time trying achieving them.In the process  bringing in discontent and unhappiness.

Be content in life because you deserve it ! Because Happiness is a choice no matter what your situation is…


Being content with what you are and where you are is important. The solid ground of happiness is not created on materialism. It starts and ends with minimal. The true happiness starts in realizing how lucky we are to be alive and to have food on our table.  The importance of good health and ability to enjoy life and food is a generous gift of God.No amount of money and power has ever changed this truth for mankind.

We are born today and today we live in. Tomorrow holds many surprises.

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