the wonderful person you are

dsc_6055The beautiful person you are. Like every relationship we need to work on what we believe we are and who we think we should be. Who we are and what we aspire to be defines you and your life.If you are like me you would work on getting better every day.The day always starts with,”oh, its a beautiful day”, i never really cared about outside weather. It could be bright or cloudy but as far as the weather inside my heart and mind is sunny and full of happiness – everything becomes beautiful and gorgeous. Life has always been full of every day opportunity for those who look for it.There is always room for self-improvement. The day begins with ,”What can I learn today ?” or ‘What will I enjoy doing today?”. There are days when I spend learning an hour or two reading about bonsai Plants. I never had one before.It is recently on one of my visit to home depot that I like a indoor  bonsai plant and brought it home. This is my one of ways to learn new things and self – improvement. Since I had no experience with indoor Bonsai, it gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn indoor plant life. How to take care of indoor plants, how to prune them and re-pot them. Every new piece of information helps me attain my goal to fulfill my dream of becoming what I want to be.

Everyone has her own opinion of good and bad. Every has her own unique goal of life. Finding true self is half job done and accepting who you are is powerful.And bridging the gap between is the most amazing thing you will ever do for yourself. Self-improvement comes with self-awareness with its the freedom that most will never attain. Self is brain-child of self-awareness, speculation,discipline and enthusiasm for learning.

Every one is unique and so are our opinions, actions and belief. Always find ways to learn new things in your life. Love the wonderful person you are and cherish the person you can be !!

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