Screen Slavery

dsc_2561I remember my childhood. The best part of the days were late afternoons to early evenings when every day all the children of my age went to play outside in the open, on playgrounds. Life was balanced with indoor and outdoor activities. It hurts to see how much things have changed. I see very young kids(babies, toddlers) still get a chance to play in parks but what about older kids? By older kids, I mean starting grade 1 to 12. Sadly the kids these days don’t have adequate free play in their life. Most are very busy, busier than adults. they have so many classes to go to. Where is time to go to parks and play? Playtime is all time low when it’s most natural and most needed in life.


The dawn of gadget age, where even young toddlers know what is selfie and make a pout face at the very sight of the phone camera. The age where very young kids watch videos with every meal of the day. Kids have learned the ultimate means to entertainment is Screen. More and more kids like to spend the leisure time watching some form of the screen- be it their phone, laptops or tv. Screens have dominated lives after all. The amount of screen time kids have is not healthy and though most parents do realize we are not doing enough to prevent it. It is a hard to break inhabit, most parents don’t know how and don’t have the capacity to change.

We are Slaves of Screens. Screens are everywhere. We associate our happiness and entertainment with it.

Adults and kids all are equally happy around screens. It is so addictive that none of us would notice time lapse. You could watch TV all day and night still would not realize that you actually spent 24 hours sitting in one place.Time flies and you won’t realize. The main reason behind it is there is so much content offered to us. The number of Channels and Soaps are skyrocketing these days compared to what was available 20 years from now. Spending time on watching TV  has changed drastically. I clearly remember that there was one episode a week telecasted, and we use to wait for the entire week for the next episode to be broadcasted.Yes Certainly we can not blame others for our actions, I do understand and believe in that we are responsible for our own actions. BUT this is a crucial fact that the presence of Screens in our lives today is due to advance technologies like fast internet on Cell phones, Laptops, iPads and super fast cable connections in TV. We have internet on the go at our hands all the times. So now when a kid cries the easiest way out is playing a video on cell phones anywhere, anytime; in parks, while shopping, in cars at home. No different for adults, today we spare no time in enjoying surrounds, we don’t care to have some chit-chats while waiting for the bus or cab. Rather we check emails and read the news or other articles on phones and tabs. We have internet in buses and on trains so the work never rests and we all are busy doing something very important. We are slaves of technology and Screens in today’s world. We can not imagine our lives without it. Young kids play video games and all sorts of virtual games on actual playdates. They find board games boring and outdated. TV and Cell phones are favored over playing with a friend on a wet grass lawn.dsc_2834

At times my heart aches when I see every member on different screens. No, at times none of us are using it for pure entertainment sake. kids trying to finish some online homework, tutorials, and projects. Both me and my husband trying to finish up our related homework. We pick our phone very often to check emails and text messages. We are now connected with friends and family via Social Media: Facebook and other apps that were impossible twenty years from now. Twenty years back if I wanted to wish a friend Birthday I would have to have her best-known number in my phone dairy. And Now I have 150 friends list on Facebook and never have to remember Birthdays or Anniversaries, Facebook dedicated does it so well. Then there is Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter and we have important tasks to twit and update our status.

We have more friends than we could imagine and yet we all are so lonely. We have best of best friends on our computers and phone but we are so distant to ones who are in-person available for a chat. We are forgetting how to hold a conversation with a real person and yet we are cable of twitting and commenting aptly. This is pure Screen Slavery where we remain Screen friends and the one besty we all have is Screen.dsc_0019


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